Sigma Supply of North America's Stran-Flexer™ is the price-competitive solution to your stretch wrapping needs. With features such as automatic turntable reset and object height detection, powered by a powerful PLC control system, the Stran-Flexer™ can help improve your approach to load containment. This system uses "quick thread" web tensioning to advance stretch film prestretch by 200-250%, saving your packaging operation time and money, all while reducing waste. Backed by our 3 year warranty, equipment operator training courses, and our in-house customer service department, we are confident that our Stran-Flexer™ is the right choice for your warehouse. Email us to learn more about this machine, or call us to speak with a local sales representative today. 

Stran-Flexer Specifications

Machine Dimensions

96.5” L x 59” W x 109.5 H

Approximate Shipping Weight

1,300 lbs.

Power Requirements

120V / 1Ph / 15A Dedicated Service

Maximum Load Size

50” L x 50” W x 98” H

Maximum Load Weight

4000 lbs.


  • 59” diameter laser cut steel plate
  • 16point cam-follower support system
  • 3” turntable height
  • Safety surround ring encloses turntable
  • Ramp accessible on all three sides

Turntable Drive

  • 012 RPM variable speed
  • 1 HP AC motor with variable frequency drive
  • ANSI 50# direct chain drive with shock dampener

Film Delivery

  • Quick thread web tensioning system
  • 200% powered prestretch
  • Electronic film tension control

Film Capacity

20” machine grade film

Control Features

  • Simple to operate
  • LCD screen and PLC
  • Programmable wrap pattern
  • Single button automatic cycle start
  • Emergency stop button
  • Variable film carriage speed
  • Auto load height photoeye
  • Manual controls


Heavy-duty steel ramp for pallet jack


Stran-Flexer Features

This affordable pallet wrapping workhorse is engineered to provide trouble-free operation load after load, year after year. Never worry about the problems associated with poorly hand-wrapped pallets again. The Stran-Flexer™ combines advanced design with unbeatable reliability in a sleek frame to provide you with a rugged machine of unmatched quality.

What We Provide:

  • 3 year warranty
  • Field Services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Set-Ups and Installation
  • Equipment Operator Training
  • In-House Parts Department

Added Benefits:

  • Reach higher levels of stretch
  • Lower your packaging costs by 50-70%
  • Reduce your labor costs 
  • Reduce your film waste 
  • Improve your load containment 
  • Reduce your product damage percentages
  • Eliminate the risk of back injuries

Stran-Flexer Video

Stran-Flexer Brochure

Stran-Flexer Brochure

Stran-Flexer Photos

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